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Grade: PK-12
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Student Incentive Coupons !!! This 53-page booklet features 36 different coupons for students. It is a great product for rewarding students and managing positive behavior. Download, cut out and distribute to those hard-working, positive and deserving students. This booklet contains: 12 pages of different coupons 40 pages (3 copies of each coupon per page) Coupons included: No Homework Class Poll (Student can take a poll to veto a teacher decision.) Open Notebook Test Open Notebook Quiz Free Vending Machine Item Extra Lunch Shift Write/Draw on Whiteboard 30-Minute Break 15-Minute Break Use A Colored Pen on Assignment Drop A Test Grade Drop A Quiz Grade Free Restroom Pass Job Swap Alternate Seating Lunch Date with 1 Friend Teacher Helper for A Day Teacher Helper for 30-Minutes Cell Phone / iPad Use Cafeteria Helper Teacher Lounge Visit Choose Class Music Water Fountain Pass Eat / Drink in Class Bonus Points (Teacher writes in # of points) Lunch with the Teacher Special Treat / Snack Wear Hat Pass Stuffed Animal Pass Equipment Operator (Student operates projector, laptop, etc.) Drop a Homework Grade 30-minute Computer / iPad Break 15-minute Computer / iPad Break Show & Tell Sit at Teacher's Desk Bonus Points X 2 (Me & Friend) Teacher Helper for 30-minutes X 2 (Me & Friend) Cafeteria Helper X 2 (Me & Friend) 15-minute Free Time X 2 (Me & Friend) You may use all coupons or choose the ones you like to use.

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